How to Create a Website Using PHP?

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Useful Links For Authors Author Guidelines Article Writing Tips Why Submit Articles HomeInternet ArticlesWeb Development ArticlesHow to Create a Website Using PHP? how to create a website Using PHP? By Nitesh Ahir on August 12, 2011 0

To create a website using PHP, one must have a basic understanding of web development and PHP programming language. It is an open source, sever -side programming language, which is used to develop web pages that are more interactive and engaging than standard HTML.

To create your website using PHP, first of all get a web hosting service that holds PHP. This will provide you a place to store; host the files which will execute on your PHP website. There are thousands of options to choose from. You should choose a host that offers Linux/Unix servers, because PHP will not work on Windows NT servers.

Choose a domain name for your PHP website, a name that relates to the theme of your website. You can get domain for free with your web hosting account, or you have to purchase it separately from other sites that sell domain names.

To create a MySQL Database for the PHP website, sign into the control panel at the web host. To manage your web hosting account, every web host supply you the access to a control panel. After creating a new database, keep remember database name, user name and password.

Select a content management system (CMS) to administrate the files for your PHP website. CMS allows an easiest way to put in content to your web site; it will automatically add the content and images into a PHP file format. There are several free CMS options such as Joomla, OS Commerce, which can be selected according to the nature of your website.

After setting up PHP files on the CMS, now download them to your computer and upload them to your account at the web host via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Filezilla or FireFTP are free FTP software program that will make the procedure fast and easy.

Once your files are uploaded to your website, install the Content Management System for your PHP website. Typing your domain name in to the web browser will automatically launch the CMS installation script. If this does not happen automatically, this means you have to direct your browser to an installation folder. Here, you will be asked to provide the name and address of your website and the information about how to log into the MySQL database that you have created. You must delete the installation folder once you have completed installing the CMS.

Choose a template to enhance the look of your website. You can also install a professionaly designed web template. The template should be compatible with your CMS such as if you are having Joomla CMS, then look for for Joomla templates. This is because your template and CMS are intended to work together.

Once the template has been installed, you have a fully functional PHP website.

Nitesh Ahir is CEO of web development company eSparkInfo Solution. He is focusing to provide best PHP web development to clients.

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No No Hair Removal — Really worth the Fuss?

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African Mango Diet Pill

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Doctors have been suggesting natural and effective solutions to achieve weight loss as these treatments are totally safe and don’t offer any sort of side effects on the health of the person. With the wonderful African Mango Plus, you enjoy the natural options that doctors guide. This is a clinically tested supplement which can help a lot to burn the extra body fat. Doctors around the globe wish people to lose weight effectively and with the benefits of African Mango Plus, you receive all natural method to weight loss. You will also enjoy burning the fat from your thigh area thereby getting the sexy, toned up legs that can be shown in short skirts.
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How Does a PetSafe Instant Wireless Dog Fence Operate?

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How Does a PetSafe Instant Wireless Dog Fence Function?


Gabrielle Morgan
Wireless dog fence
Gabrielle Morgan has authored business documents, manuals, mental health documentation and remedy plans. She also writes for a variety of on the web publications. Morgan’s substantial educational background contains studies in creative writing, screenwriting, herbology, organic medicine, early childhood education and psychology.
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Internet Marketing

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With the introduction of the Entire world Vast Web, a global village, men and women have taken to this resource of information eagerly. In buy to capitalize on this freshly found phenomenon, businesses have indulged in On the internet Advertising in purchase to cater for this arena in turn, growing their clientele. 
On-line Marketing is only attainable with a uniquely developed, effectively formulated site.A internet site ought to guarantee originality and resourcefulness, and retain up to date with industry trends, incorporating attractiveness via visuals and consumer pleasant depth. 
Web site promotion is an important issue, for far reaching outcomes. This is accomplished by advertising the item/support on search engines, through skillfully positioned quick advertisements and graphic interpretation, which may have photos, films or ingeniously crafted written material. Imaginative headlines partnered with [...] Read Full Article..

Ideas on Acquiring Cheap Auto Insurance

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Report by Gideon Olaf.

Suggestions on Obtaining Cheap Auto Insurance – Insurance coverage – Auto

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Driving your car on the road is in itself a fulfilling experience, this expertise even receives much better if you know you are properly lined via cheap auto insurance. As a make a difference of truth it is a legislation that your vehicle receives insured hence, the require for cheap automobile insurance policy. Nevertheless, if you don?t have that needed automobile insurance policy then it is time your vehicle got insured. With availability of numerous insurance coverage firms obtaining cheap auto insurance is by no means a hard process. In truth a small lookup could very easily land [...] Read Full Article..

Short Term Disability Insurance

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Short term disability insurance pays a percentage of your salary if you become temporarily disabled, which means that you are not able to work for a short period of time due to sickness or injury not related to your job. Typically, a short term disability policy provides you with 40 to 70 percent of your pre-disability base salary.

Some people have short term disability insurance through an employer, union, or other professional organization. This type of policy is known as group coverage. You can also purchase an individual policy directly from an insurance company or agent.

How Short Term Disability Insurance Works

Most short term disability policies have the same general design. You, or your employer, pay a monthly premium to be covered. When an illness or injury prevents you from [...] Read Full Article..

How To Real Estate Tallahassee FL – Finding the Best Buying Agent Today

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What to look for when attempting to buy Real Estate Tallahassee FL.

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Finest Dog Insurance coverage Quotes

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Its tricky to decide on for the finest dog insurance with many insurance coverage policies vendors.
The very best dog insurance coverage bundle lies in your desicion in selecting the insurance policies provider that can supply you with the most advantageous offer you. It all lies on what you are pondering about, dogs’ demands and price range.
Initial of all, think and pick when the canine insurance policies satisfies you and your canine. Contemplate this, will you have the peace of thoughts on the welfare of the canine with this canine insurance policies.
Veterinary expenditures are pricey these days. You are in a position to reduce back once again on fees if you receive the best dog insurance. Your insurance provider will pay for most of it.
they are the motives in obtaining [...] Read Full Article..

Aid! I Need to have Affordable Wellness Insurance

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The statistics are startling when it comes to the outrageous uninsured Americans and the numbers keep receiving bigger. But what do you do when you don’t have a job and cannot get inexpensive person or family members well being insurance from an employer? Or, what about all the families that have jobs but nonetheless cannot afford the overall health insurance provided by their employers and cannot find an alternative for affordable well being insurance?

There are low expense wellness insurance alternatives out there that, in reality, numerous Americans have currently implemented and are beating the increasing battle against becoming uninsured. In addition, a lot more individual and loved ones well being insurance coverage possibilities are getting brought into the market place as the increasing quantity of uninsured Americans increases. This [...] Read Full Article..

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At any time of the year stomach bugs might be circulating, transmitted by microbes that might be left on surfaces and frequently associated to incomplete hand washing or poor hygiene habits. Common symptoms of a tummy bug are vomiting and diarrhea with strong abdominal cramps and gas. Avoiding such difficulties is considerably less difficult than attempting probiotics supplement to discover a cure once the situation has taken hold.
What Causes Tummy Bugs?
Gastrointestinal infections, as they are medically termed, can be caused by viruses, bacteria or by meals that is infected by salmonella or contaminated by pollution or toxins. Due to the fact of the wide variety of pathogens that can lead to tummy bugs, they are very had to probiotics supplement diagnose with out testing.
Luckily, most bouts only last for [...] Read Full Article..

No Hair with No No Hair Removal

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Hair elimination is 1 of the most vital element of any ladies splendor routine.  She will invest hours in a closed room waxing or shaving. But girls of right now have no time and are unwell of waxing or shaving or implementing people sir elimination lotions. Most of them are searching for greater and more quickly solutions and one of them is No No Hair Removal. But what is No No Hair Removal technique? Nicely, it is functional, very efficient as effectively as time saving and affordable. Go through on to know far more about how this product performs and why it is finding so immensely well-known with ladies.
Present day ladies uncover shaving and waxing time consuming and messy to bargain with. And these hair removal creams are not [...] Read Full Article..

Cheap Auto Insurance Estimates for Teens

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If you are a guardian of a teenager driver, you only have to call up your existing insurance coverage agent to find out how expensive it is to insure your child guiding the wheel. Your existing insurance business might have been ready to give you with the lowest insurance rate for you and your wife or husband, but when you incorporate a teenager driver to your coverage, your quality is liable to skyrocket. So it is comprehensible that you would want to store around for cheap auto insurance prices for teens. Right after all, it does not make perception to pay for a specified plan until you know this is the greatest bargain feasible.
Initial, nevertheless, you have to realize that teenager motorists are riskier to insure, and so the [...] Read Full Article..

Safety 1st Baby Gate

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Security 1st Infant Gate


Johnathan Cronk

Child Gate Johnathan Cronk is a freelance writer and began writing at the age of 18. Throughout his profession he has specialized in sports, how-to and tips articles. He has also written sales pitches in the corporate setting given that 2001. He studied organization at Hudson Valley Community College prior to transferring to the State University of New York, Albany.
Child Gate

domain coupons in namecheap . Reasonably priced Internet Hosting – Hostgator Coupons

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Report by margaret hernandez

domain coupons in namecheap . Inexpensive Internet Hosting – Hostgator Coupons – Internet

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World wide web internet hosting allows Net end users owning internet methods around stow video clip, pictures, junk also outstanding Net exposed content material.Customers can purchase spot in entrance a server that tropical isle held by means of Web hosts.Net hosts also get Internet connectivity in addition information limited recognize in the direction of their clientele.A World wide web host services supplier operates component of a Internet internet hosting maintaining creating put on of tools, infrastructure in addition company program wide open thru some remaining outwardly hosting services.HostGator tropical island a quite regular internet web site internet [...] Read Full Article..

Wireless Dog Fence DIYers Interest: Expert Guides is Coming!

February 9th, 2014 by admin | Permalink

Are you a dog lover searching for a suitable DIY way to install your containment program for your fortunate dog?

Have you ever becoming bitten by some scam repairmen thousand bucks just to set up a straightforward dog invisible fence?

Right here is the solution, you can install it by your self now according to the following three actions!

Initial of all, review a variety of sorts of containment technique to locate out the most suitable one for your small buddy. Normally speaking, there are 3 types of systems you can take into account: one particular for modest stature, one particular for bigger one, and one particular for long-distance coaching. According to you certain situation, you can compare the value Wireless dog fence and top quality to locate a favor 1. If [...] Read Full Article..

Q&A: Kognitio US Operations CEO John Thompson

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Q&A: Kognitio US Operations CEO John Thompson

David Hamilton on May 27, 2010


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Recently, business intelligence has exploded in popularity with its promise of enabling businesses to make more informed decisions by capturing, analyzing, warehousing and mining information.
In a recent survey polling largely corporate IT professionals, The Data Warehousing Institute ( reported that 46 percent of respondents anticipate replacing their current primary data warehouse platform by 2012.
And while businesses tend to be amenable to the benefits of BI, it’s not always obvious how to best implement them.
At the forefront of BI and data warehousing, solutions provider Kognitio ( offers a solution that can run large-scale data analytics projects, all on a pay-per-use basis. Users pay no overhead for implementing a data warehouse on-site, nor do [...] Read Full Article..